Inline developer console for iOS apps, without a Mac!

Need to add a developer console to the iPhone or iPad mobile safari browser without a Mac? Apple provides a great set of developer tools. However, to use them you need to plug your iPhone or iPad into a Mac. There are times when this simply is not feasible or...
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Quick and easy performance timing for your HTML5 page

When I was a teenager I had a job at Burger King. If you have never noticed it before, there is a large digital clock next to the drive through window, which tells the employee how long the cusotmer has been waiting for their order. Measuring drive through wait time...
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Blackburn & Son Games Launched

I am very happy and excited to announce that Blackburn & Son Games web site has launched. Blackburn & Son Games is a small indie game team made up of only 2 people; myself and my six-year-old son. He's the lead play tester and junior game designer and I am the...
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Learn how to dynamically fit a site or app on iPhone, iPad, or any small device

From iPhones to huge monitors, regardless of portrait or landscape orientations, the Craft Profit Calculator HTML5 app now accommodates all screen sizes and shapes. Today I will share with you, my small group and quasi-loyal readers, exactly how I did it. It is...
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