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Inline developer console for iOS apps, without a Mac!

Inline developer console for iOS apps, without a Mac!

Need to add a developer console to the iPhone or iPad mobile safari browser without a Mac? Apple provides a great set of developer tools. However, to use them you need to plug your iPhone or iPad into a Mac. There are times when this simply is not feasible or... read more


I had the pleasure of being in a team with Doug Hopkins (@combatadvantage) and Steve Weed (@sweed84) at this weekend’s 2014 Hasbro Hackathon. Our small team won in our category! I’m very proud of what we accomplished in such a short time. Thank you to Hasbro for... read more

Google PageSpeed Service Test Review

I recently discovered Google PageSpeed Service. I gave it a try and in this video I share the test results and my thoughts. Test Results: From US East Coast From Europe From Singapore Other Links: Google Intro Video Google Page Speed Service Site My hosting... read more

… Rob’s leadership over the years helped me and the whole department to grow and perform, he left strong legacy on the department… [read more] Mounir Chedli

Web Engineering Excellence Manager, Schneider Electric

… The true strength of his work was not just his technical acumen, but how he took the time to understand the purpose and scope of the project… [read more] Julie Boyle

Broker Associate, RE/MAX Flagship

Robert is extremely talented and passionate about his work, and also very helpful, informative, and patient with instruction… [read more] Kartiké Bhagat

Senior Software Engineer, EMC²

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