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… Rob’s leadership over the years helped me and the whole department to grow and perform, he left strong legacy on the department… [read more] Mounir Chedli

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Robert is extremely talented and passionate about his work, and also very helpful, informative, and patient with instruction… [read more] Kartiké Bhagat

Senior Software Engineer, EMC²

… The true strength of his work was not just his technical acumen, but how he took the time to understand the purpose and scope of the project… [read more] Julie Boyle

Broker Associate, RE/MAX Flagship

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Inline developer console for iOS apps, without a Mac!

Need to add a developer console to the iPhone or iPad mobile safari browser without a Mac? Apple provides a great set of developer tools. However, to use them you need to plug your iPhone or iPad into a Mac. There are times when this simply is not feasible or...
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I had the pleasure of being in a team with Doug Hopkins (@combatadvantage) and Steve Weed (@sweed84) at this weekend’s 2014 Hasbro Hackathon. Our small team won in our category! I'm very proud of what we accomplished in such a short time. Thank you to Hasbro for...
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Quick examples of how to use jQuery and Google Visualization API together

My Friend, Josh (@josh_tapley), sent me some questions on using jQuery and Google Visualization API together. Instead of being all stingy like and keeping the answers to ourselves, we decided to share them with you all. The Questions: How do I make a list from unique...
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Setting up your HTML5 Mobile Projects Quickly w/Mobile Boilerplate & Ant Script

Whenever I start a new mobile HTML5 project I use the the HTML5 or Mobile Boilerplate projects and their ANT script to set it up and get started writing my code within minutes. In this video I will show you how that is done and how quick and easy it is. When finished...
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Google PageSpeed Service Test Review

I recently discovered Google PageSpeed Service. I gave it a try and in this video I share the test results and my thoughts. Test Results: From US East Coast From Europe From Singapore Other Links: Google Intro Video Google Page Speed Service Site My hosting...
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Adaptive Website Made Easy

A few years ago a colleague of mine and fellow developer, Craig Verrastro, invited his daughter’s music teacher to come present to my department. Why? Because he was seeing impaired, and we wanted the team to see what browsing the web (especially our own applications)...
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Quick and easy performance timing for your HTML5 page

When I was a teenager I had a job at Burger King. If you have never noticed it before, there is a large digital clock next to the drive through window, which tells the employee how long the cusotmer has been waiting for their order. Measuring drive through wait time...
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Blackburn & Son Games Launched

I am very happy and excited to announce that Blackburn & Son Games web site has launched. Blackburn & Son Games is a small indie game team made up of only 2 people; myself and my six-year-old son. He's the lead play tester and junior game designer and I am the...
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Secure your Java Spring app with PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer

Secure your Java Spring app with PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer

This is a trick that I have used many times which I first learned about on Mkyong.com – one of my favorite Java/Spring/Hibernate resources. Just about any application will need to connect to external resources like databases, web services, file servers, and the like....
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Google Visualization’s table charts lacking?

Back in June I posted a quick fix on how to Placing Google Chart Filters in Table Header. Since then I have continued to use Google’s table chart in a few projects – and have grown to find it a bit lacking. As I recently pointed out when responding to Saranya’s...
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